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Free Family

Who We Are

Hi all, my name is Karen… and I’m so glad you’ve landed here, in this little space.

I enjoy the simplicity of the day to day, and find joy in the little things. Coffee is my fuel, family dance parties bring me life and I haven’t read an entire book in over 5 years.

I was born in Jersey, but left right after marrying my husband… the military brought us to so many places, near and far, growing our family along the way.

"I love being able to call the Pacific Northwest, home."

When I was little, visiting my grandparent’s homestead in Ontario, Canada always brought me so much joy. My grandpa was a beekeeper and tended to the chickens and garden. There were always berries to pick (and eat!), and a plethora of meals cooked up by my grandma from vegetables grown in their garden.

"Whenever I peeked outside my mothers childhood bedroom window, there was this huge amount of Black Eyed Susan’s, growing tall, reaching up to the sun."

My grandma would spend hours in the garden where she tended and grew beautiful blooms... blooms that I always wanted to pick and create with. My sister and I would spend the whole day outside... wild and free... and our brown bath water would prove what a wonderful day we had. Wild and free is how my husband and I raise our littles... 5 of them, a handful... my wild handful.

What We Grow

Here at Wild Handful Farm, every season is unique and filled with specialty blooms.

Spring: The spring season starts off close to the end of March/beginning of April. We celebrate this season with specialty double petaled tulips and daffodils, flowering branches, early lilac, peonies, delphinium, chamomile, erysimum (and other perennials), iris’, ranunculus, anemones, and snapdragons.

Summer: The summer season starts off close to the end of June, powers through July and August into early September. We celebrate this season with daisies, flowering butterfly bush, calendula, garden roses, yarrow, sweet peas, salvias and lavender, stock, strawflower, sunflowers, zinnias, asters, cosmos, amaranth and dahlias.

Fall: The fall season usually collides with summer at the end of September. We celebrate this season with the continuation of all summer blooms. Fall feels like an extended summer here at the farm.

Winter: The winter season usually starts off in the beginning of November, after our first frost. This is the moment for evergreen branches to shine. We have lots of cuts of cedar, pine, huckleberry and salal. Winter blooming viburnums and camellias bring some color to the season.

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The farmstand will not be stocked with fresh cut flowers weekly, until Spring 2023!