The Tulips of 2022

Last year, Spring Karen (of 2021) ordered TONS of tulips to plant up… and Fall Karen was a bit overwhelmed with the task. From the year before, I doubled, if not tripled, the amount to plant. I ordered pretty late, and a lot of my “must have” varieties were already sold out. Seeing shortages all over the place, I scooped up whatever I could afford, most imported from the Netherlands. You see, bulbs from the Netherlands, do NOT compare with anything else. Bulbs from the Netherlands always bring in BIG, beautiful, healthy blooms.

I made sure when I placed my order, to have a variety of early, mid and late blooming tulips. The year before… I didn’t plan that out well, and I had a flurry of tulips right in the middle of the spring. They all seemed to come at once, which was completely overwhelming. I had absolutely NO time to document my beauties that I was pulling out of the beds, and only had time to harvest, process, and sell off what I had. That changed this year… I had loads of early, mid and late blooming tulips. Not a day/week passed, where I wasn’t harvesting tulips, steadily.

I was blown away by the beauty that arrived, the moment the first tulip popped. It was such a beautiful season, that Spring Karen (of 2022) has already placed her order for 2023, and she’s proud to share, that it’s doubled in size from this year’s harvest. Fall Karen, isn’t going to be happy with the amount of bulbs she’ll have to get in the ground this late fall… but it’ll be worth it! It’s always worth it!

This year’s favorites were: Copper Image, Gudoshnik Double, Angelique, Renown Unique, and Charming Lady.

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