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Follow along on our journey, as we document the ins and outs of flower farming and floral design. I’ll share my growing tips and tricks, blooms of the season and all the mistakes and mishaps along the way.

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The Tulips of 2022

Last year, Spring Karen (of 2021) ordered TONS of tulips to plant up… and Fall Karen was a bit overwhelmed with the task. From the

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A Special Spot

It’s been a few months since I harvested this handful of ‘Potomac Pink’ snapdragons… 7-8 months ago or just about, these beauties started blooming in

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My Why

It was two and a half years ago, and my littlest littles were 5.5, 4, and 2x 1.5 years old (twin Mom over here)… I

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The farmstand will not be stocked with fresh cut flowers weekly, until Spring 2023!